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Yoga is great

As much as I love music, practising yoga is one of my favourite things to do. I love moving my body in graceful (and sometimes not very graceful) ways, connecting with my breath, seeing my flexibility and strength improve, and I love carving out time to be just as I am. Most of all, I love sharing it - that's why I'm also a yoga teacher!

You don't need to be flexible or strong to do yoga - increases in both are happy side benefits! While stretching into different shapes is a fun part of it, yoga is also so much more. It's a practice that combines movement and stillness, bringing awareness and connection to your body, mind, and breath. A regular yoga practice increases mobility and flexibility, builds strength, eases aches and pains, develops better breathing, promotes feelings of calmness and wellbeing, and can offer guidance in how to live gracefully in the world.

Yoga is for musicians

Yoga is a great way for musicians to keep their bodies well, reduce the likelihood of playing injury, and practice being in the present moment. When I’m in a regular yoga practice, playing viola is easier and more fun!

Yoga is for healing

Yoga can also provide tools for people feeling anxious and overwhelmed to use in order to find more calmness and peace. These tools include breathing exercises and gentle movement to help the nervous system relax. 

Yoga is for everybody

It’s a common misconception that you need to be flexible or fit in order to practice yoga. Rather, increased strength and flexibility are happy side benefits of a yoga practice!  Other benefits include more impulse control, finding it easier to be in the present moment, and an increased sense of wellbeing. All anyone needs to do is to show up. Basically it's great for everybody!

My yoga teaching

I started practising yoga in London in 2011, initially through Bikram Yoga. I then got into Vinyasa flow yoga and learned from Leila Sadeghee and by practicing online videos by Esther Ekhart. I ran the Philharmonia Orchestra Yoga Group from 2014-2016, leading ad-hoc yoga classes for the orchestra as we toured all over the world. In 2022 I did my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga through, followed by a 20 hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training through Trauma Therapy Manchester. I'm currently completing a 40 hour Teen Yoga teacher training through LKY Yoga School.

I love teaching yoga to students of all abilities, but especially to beginners. I like to offer a good stretch at a relaxed pace, focusing on body awareness and linking movement and breath. I try to create a space for people to connect with themselves in the moment, just as they are. I really believe that everybody can benefit from yoga if they want to.

I now teach private yoga lessons, run a monthly Zoom yoga class open to all, and teach a free weekly class to asylum seekers in Liverpool. I also teach yoga classes to my orchestra colleagues at the RLPO and I'm the yoga teacher for Spark Practice, working with musicians around the world.

My story, the long version

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I first encountered yoga as a teenager, following along to a Gaiam yoga VHS that we had at home. I didn't really know what I was doing but it was graceful and felt great to do - things I still love about yoga!

I dabbled in yoga throughout my music college years, but it was in London in 2011 that my proper yoga practice started. Initially I was drawn to Bikram Yoga, as I loved the heat, the consistency, and the workout! I then moved into Vinyasa flow yoga and started attending Triyoga Soho, where I met my yoga teacher Leila Sadeghee. I also found Esther Ekhart videos online, where I learned form and sequences, and built up enough confidence to practice yoga on my own from time to time.

As tends to happen with things I love, my own yoga practice grew from something private into something I wanted to share with others! In 2014 I started the Philharmonia Orchestra Yoga Group, declaring that I was not a trained yoga teacher but then making up classes for friends in my orchestra. We would bring yoga mats on tour and practice in hotel conference rooms or in the back stages of concert halls all around the world. Yoga was an antidote to the aches and pains of orchestra playing, and gave us a sense of wellbeing and even joy before walking on stage. We loved it!

When I moved to Liverpool to join the RLPO in 2016, my practice became more intermittent. But in 2022 I decided to rededicate myself to yoga and went through with a life goal of doing yoga teacher training. I did a 200 hour training in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga through, and loved every minute of it. I've since gone on to complete a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training and am currently completing a course in teaching Teen Yoga.

Now I teach yoga in a few different contexts. I offer private lessons, where students can learn the basics in a personalized way. I teach a monthly Zoom class, called First Sunday of the Month Zoom Yoga, open to all - please message me if you'd like to be added to the mailing list for it!

I focus more on the healing potential of yoga in personalized Trauma Sensitive yoga classes, where I work with one or two people at a time, and I am influenced by Trauma Sensitive Yoga principles when I teach asylum seekers at a weekly drop in center in Liverpool, run through the British Red Cross.

I also teach yoga to musicians! I run weekly classes for my orchestra colleagues at the RLPO, and I'm the yoga teacher for Spark Practice, where I teach online to musicians all over the world!

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