My teaching

Explore my violin, viola and yoga teaching below, including my teaching ethos.

My teaching ethos

  • I connect with my students and adapt to their individual needs
  • I want my students to feel supported and encouraged in order to best help them grow
  • I am engaged, positive, and generous
  • I teach good form and self-awareness
  • Lessons are informal, friendly and focused
  • I want my students to love what they do

Violin and viola

I teach viola and violin from beginner to advanced. Discover more about my teaching methods and what my students have to say.


I love teaching yoga to students of all abilities, but especially to beginners.  Learn more about my yoga teaching and opportunities to get involved.

My teaching ethos

I’ve always had a hunch that I wanted to teach.  I first tried to teach a friend how to play the violin when I was in secondary school! I’ve been so fortunate to study with some fantastic teachers, and I love helping students see tangible results in their own ability and confidence, whether that's through violin or viola playing, or on the mat through yoga.

In my music teaching I focus on my students playing with awareness and ease, producing the best sound possible through good technique and musicality. I combine creativity, enthusiasm and praise with problem solving and very high standards. I adapt to my students’ learning styles and I am devoted and generous with my students. I expect that they will practise between lessons, and I encourage everyone to participate in twice-yearly studio recitals.

I love teaching yoga to students of all abilities, but especially to beginners. I like to offer a good stretch at a relaxed pace, focusing on body awareness and linking movement and breath. Group classes are calming and focused, with a twist of challenge and fun. Individual lessons adapt entirely to what the student needs at the time. In both areas I try to create a space for people to connect with themselves in the moment, just as they are. I really believe everybody can feel better in their bodies, minds and spirits through yoga and I’m keen to share it with as many people as possible.

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